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Успешно завершены весенне-полевые работы в хозяйствах компании ОАО «ИСКУССТВО ЗЕМЛЕДЕЛИЯ».   


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Компания ОАО «ИСКУССТВО ЗЕМЛЕДЕЛИЯ» поздравляет с праздником 9 Мая – с Днем Победы в Великой Отечественной Войне!

Farming is the first of arts, and without it there would be no merchants, no court nobility, no kings, no poets, no philosophers...

  Frederick Barbarossa


 OJSC  "ART OF AGRICULTURE" is one of the leading companies in the management of major agro-business projects throughout the Russian Federation territories.   It was founded on October 21, 2011 by combining agro-industrial companies which had already been successfully operating in the market for more than three years: "IPF Management", "Tver Agroprom", "Lunachary" and "RBP Agroproduct."


 General Director of  OJSC "ART OF AGRICULTURE",  Chuykov A. B.


Our company is the producer and the wholesale supplier of vegetable and fruit production in the Russian market.


Agricultural Holding Mission - saturation of Russian food market with high-quality, safe food products of the perfect flavor profile produced in-house using the latest agricultural production technologies.


Company task - formation of the effective integrated model of creation of a value added by means of investment in the potential of agricultural assets - land grounds, the agroenterprises and processing industrial complexes.


The company is currently implementing a number of large-scale agricultural projects in the Russian Federation.


А vertically integrated center (SHED) for production and sales of washed & packed potato was completed (August 2012) in Tver region.


SHED project is unique in Russia, as it was built originally as a logistics center for potatoes and vegetables in accordance with the international standards. The factory is equipped with cleaning, calibration and packaging equipment companies: ALL Round (Holland), WYMA Engineering (NZ), ЧЕЗЕНА (ФК) Italy, SORMA Group, S&B GMBH, climate-Air-domestic manufacturer of the company «CKB-Agro». For the cultivation of seed and commodity potatoes used agricultural equipment companies Deutz Fahr, AMAZONE, LEMKEN, GRIMME.

The complex capacity will include a one-time storage of 40 thousand tons of agricultural products and a 200 t/day vegetable processing line. When the complex reaches its design capacity, the circulation of potatoes and vegetables will be approximately 80 thousand t/year.

Plan for launch of products in retail networks is developed and is under implementation; trademark registration is completed and branded products are manufactured.

The company trades in grain and vegetable crops in the Central, North-Western and Southern federal districts of Russia.